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Welcome To Carry Kumba Tea

Welcome To Carry Kumba Tea

The Story

Carry Kumba is a CBD wellness community with a mission to provide health & wellness through loose-leaf teas and natural, consciously sourced organic hemp-based products. We believe that CBD, combined with natural herbs is a powerful, natural remedy for many of our daily struggles. It is our goal to create a trustworthy environment where everyone can find peace through, not only Carry Kumba products, but a group of like-minded people.

Our founder, Jesanda Ellis, grew up in a military family and is familiar with the challenges of finding a sense of home in new locations. Jesanda was born in Germany, but quickly moved to the United States and has lived in a variety of places including Texas, Virginia, Jersey, and has now landed in Atlanta, Georgia. She has learned to find home anywhere she resides. People looking for peace can find a home in Carry Kumba.

Kumba means home in Shona, a South African dialect. Home has a different meaning for everyone, but a few common themes are feelings of love, comfort, and peace. We strive to assist individuals in their search for those feelings in the hectic world around us.

Carry Kumba Tea

Carry Kumba Tea is an expertly crafted combination of hemp-based CBD and herbs that help aid stress relief and overall wellness. All of our ingredients are natural and consciously sourced. By combining these ingredients, we provide our customers with an effective, natural option for health and wellness that isn’t filled with harmful ingredients that may also carry costly side effects.


The healing properties run much deeper than the ingredients found in our teas. The process of making tea when you need a moment of peace is a therapeutic experience that gives your mind and body the signal to release your stresses. The smells, sounds, and comfort found when steeping tea will become a feeling you look forward to when life becomes a little too much.

The Community

Carry Kumba is more than just a line of CBD products. Life can be daunting when all the stressors and pressures begin to weigh you down. This is something that everyone deals with, and we all have different methods to push through those struggles. Carry Kumba is a place for people to connect with one another, find comfort, and share our experiences.

Holistic health is a journey that can be challenging when traveled alone. It becomes easier with a support system of people sharing experiences, tips, and methods that they have found beneficial in their personal journey. Whether you need to just vent about a bad day or are looking for advice on CBD and holistic health, the Carry Kumba community is here every step of the way.

Our community does not want to be limited to just digital interactions! The Carry Kumba community will be hosting in-person tea party events. Be on the lookout for upcoming events! The best way to stay up to date with in-person events is to join our Facebook community and sign up for our newsletter.

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