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5 Ways to Incorporate CBD Tea into Your Self-Care Rituals

Self-care rituals are more than just a trend–they’re essential for maintaining balance and well-being. One simple yet powerful way to enhance your self-care routine is by incorporating self-care tea, especially CBD-infused varieties. Whether you’re starting your day with morning mindfulness, taki...
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Exploring the Potential Benefits of CBD Tea

Tea and herbal remedies have been cherished for centuries across various cultures for their soothing and healing properties. From ancient Chinese tea ceremonies to Ayurvedic herbal blends, these natural beverages have played a vital role in promoting health and wellness. In recent years, CBD has ...
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CBD Overview and How to Choose a CBD Product, Dosage

Let me guess, you’ve heard the buzz about CBD and now you’re wondering what CBD product is best for you? Look no further!  In recent years, the spotlight on cannabidiol (CBD) has intensified as its potential health benefits continue to draw attention. Derived from the cannabis plant, CBD stands o...
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How To Steep Tea - The Quick, Easy, & Best Methods

You just received your first bag of Carry Kumba Tea…but you are unsure of how to steep it? Don’t worry, in this blog we will give you the easiest, quickest, and best ways to steep your loose-leaf tea!  The Quick and Easy Method  The easiest way to steep loose-leaf tea does require a small piece o...
Welcome To Carry Kumba Tea

Welcome To Carry Kumba Tea

The Story Carry Kumba is a CBD wellness community with a mission to provide health & wellness through loose-leaf teas and natural, consciously sourced organic hemp-based products. We believe that CBD, combined with natural herbs is a powerful, natural remedy for many of our daily struggles. I...